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CAI Is going to be raffling off a COMPLETE INTERIOR free with the purchase of a raffle ticket!!.

we will be having 3 winners, prizes are describe below

1st Place winner -- Complete Interior on up to 6 seat Aircraft, ex; C210,B36,Piper,(value of $13,000.00)

2nd Place winner - Set of hand stitched leather wrapped yokes.(value of $800.00)

3rd Place winner- Glare shield covered in black non-reflecting vinyl. (value of $300.00)

Buy your tickets starting March 1,2010

 Will start March 1 2010 and winners will be chosen August 31,2010 or til min is reached

Gives us a call or stop by March 1,2010

More on how to enter coming soon.

(909) 393-5814

Tickets will be $150.00 you will have the chance of winning with purchase of one ticket. It might just be your lucky day and you might win a Complete interior at only $150.00!!! imagine that!!